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However, immigrant teachers' prior knowledge and experience ate frequently under-valued and disqualified.
NAPO Assistant General Secretary Harry Fletcher said: 'The probation service is under-valued, under-resourced and overworked.
All too often, linguists in tactical assignments are under-valued and receive just enough annual language training to pass the DLPT at the minimum 2/2 standard.
MANAGER Ray Mathias was at pains to make sure that Wigan's best away win of the season was not under-valued because the job was done against 10 men.
Mr Major's role will be to provide leads to enable the firm to buy up under-valued companies which will then be revamped and sold for huge profits.
The Dadeland-area-site aligns nicely with our core principals of acquiring under-valued, under-managed, or physically distressed commercial properties in superior locations at highly competitive prices throughout Florida.
Clinical nutrition continues to be critically under-leveraged and under-valued - yet enteral nutrition protocols can help improve patient and hospital outcomes and lower costs
The new unit will also look at growing the existing product suite and will intend to change travel insurance in India from an under-valued proposition to a must-have .
The 27-year-old felt under-valued by the Hoops and made the decision to leave Parkhead some time ago, although he claims he would have remained at the club had he been given any encouragement to do so by manager Tony Mowbray.
Citizen Information Centre chief Denis Charlton said: "Migrant women remain over-represented in low-skilled jobs and a number of those working in skilled positions reported their qualifications were under-valued.
While this well organised and equally well written book may only be 'a sampler of ambassadorial endeavour' it is a representative one and gives readers a solid introduction to an aspect of history often under-valued.
We can't stop the bulldozers, but we could stop our homes being under-valued.