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At the Agriculture Department, more than 100 undercover agents pose as food stamp recipients at thousands of neighborhood stores to spot suspicious vendors and fraud, officials said.
The woman drove to the scene, the lawyer said, phoning police to notify them on the way, but had no idea that the people she encountered when she got there were undercover agents.
The undercover agents were expected to travel around for building up a group of people who could be potential rebels against the Castro government.
While the duo was arrested after their plans were foiled by the FBI following a tip off, later the prosecutor said that the device they built "would have been capable of emitting X-ray radiation that would have caused death" and only failed to do so because the undercover agents had provided them with faulty parts.
An undercover agent was dispatched toItalyand was successful in infiltrating the clan.
Estes attempted to purchase an M-60 Machine Gun on Friday during the pre-arranged undercover meet with ATF undercover agents just prior to his arrest.
Campbell was arrested in January 2008 after allegedly handing around pounds 9,000 to an undercover agent posing as a weapons supplier.
It pointed out that the undercover agents managed to arrest the expatriate
In addition to security officers at the entrance, Vallarta locations usually have two or three undercover agents ``to protect from theft, as well as protect our customers and employees,'' Leal said.
The suspect nabbed in Hong Kong was arrested Thursday at a hotel where he met with undercover agents to close a deal to supply 400,000 tablets of fake drugs, including impotence pills Viagra and Cialis.
Virtually all governments use undercover agents and informants in their police and intelligence agencies.
In the first large-screen projection we seem to be witnessing a stakeout in the pouring rain by two undercover agents out of some '70s thriller, evoking all the attendant stereotypes and suspense.