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To counteract the mental strain placed on officers, three steps should be taken: police departments should (a) use undercover officer selection methods that disqualify those who are ill-suited for the job, (b) adequately train and monitor undercover officers, and (c) adopt formal rules governing undercover operations to ensure the safety of officers' physical and mental health.
We note that no-one has drawn to our attention any evidence that has been published to suggest that undercover officers were deployed over Hillsborough.
They claimed an undercover officer offered to give evidence on their behalf.
During recorded conversations, however, John informed an undercover officer that he did not plan to take the young girls out of his hotel room because of the danger of being seen with them in public.
2006 Ole Another Day director Lee Tamahori is arrested in full drag after soliciting sex from an undercover officer in Los Angeles.
It is alleged he then took Dhs2,000 from the undercover officer.
Mr Bull told the court after an undercover officer phoned a different line in February he and a colleague were directed to West Park Street, Dewsbury, where Navsarka turned up.
As he walked into the bank, an undercover officer saw that he fit the description of the suspect they believe was responsible for robberies at six other banks dating back to March.
The actions of former undercover officer Mark Kennedy, who spent seven years posing as Mark "Flash" Stone, had led to the collapse in 2011 of the case against six protesters accused of planning to invade the coal-fired Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station in Nottinghamshire and led to a review of police undercover tactics.
Summary: The Dubai Police have arrested an Asian man after he was caught red-handed trying to sell pornographic DVDs to an undercover officer.
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said he had not had time to watch Monday night's "The Police's Dirty Secret: Channel 4 Dispatches" in which former undercover officer Peter Francis made the claims.
was arrested after she sold prescription pills to an undercover officer from Abu Dhabi Police's anti-narcotics department.