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They accept that the famous understander deserves to be understood, that the addition of new complexities does not invalidate the old, and that I would not, probably could not, have written about my father as I did if he had not been my first and most valued teacher.
2) A goal is relevant if the understander assumes that achieving
Adviser, advocate, appraiser, assessor, buddy, collaborator, communicator, counsellor, critic, encourager, expert (in both subject and pedagogical knowledge), helper, giver of feedback, informer, guide, learner, listener, mentor, modellor (of teaching styles and professionalism), negotiator, observer, organiser, provider of resources (time, subject knowledge, teaching resources, students), rescuer, risk-taker, role model, sage, sharer (of information about school, its resources and students), supporter, teacher (of the student teacher and the school student), understander, and welcomer.
True explorer of life, understander of politics and unassuming of his incredible ability.