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Dominguez III recently signed the underwriting agreement on behalf of the Philippine government with Bank of China chair Chen Siqing at Malacanang Palace.
The global brand of XL Group Ltd's (NYSE:XL) insurance and reinsurance companies, XL Catlin in the US signed an exclusive underwriting agreement with the McGowan Companies to provide workplace violence insurance to US businesses, the company disclosed on Monday.
Pursuant to the Underwriting Agreement, the underwriters have agreed to buy on a bought deal, underwritten basis 7,250,000 units (the Units) at a price of US$1.
We at CapCorp wanted to emphasise our faith in this investment opportunity by signing an underwriting agreement with Capivest,' said CapCorp deputy chief executive officer Alaa Al Roumi.
Capivest and capcorp sign an underwriting agreement in Kuwait for aiap Qatar
Additional Holding: The amount of E's compensation income is determined without regard to the stock-transfer restrictions imposed by the underwriting agreement and the insider trading compliance program.
The company has operations in Liberia and Cameroon and as part of the underwriting agreement, it will sell 33.