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Initially, the cogs of a gear were related to the angle of attack of the undulator so that each cog of the gear moved would determine an angle of the hydrofoil.
The alternating magnetic fields of the undulator force relativistic electrons in a bunch to emit EUV radiation coherently on a sinusoidal trajectory due to the microbunching process, called as self-amplified spontaneous emission (SASE) FEL.
The undulator beam will be highly collimated in the horizontal and the vertical directions, and will result in a significant increase in the flux incident on the sample compared with BM16.
Chapter 3 focuses on incoherent undulator radiation, which is produced by extremely long period synchrotron undulations, while the free-electron laser relies on coherent emission processes and does not require long periodic magnetic wiggler fields.
The measurements were made at undulator beamline 2-ID-B of the Advanced Photon Source (APS).
The Cornell scientists used the new device, called an undulator, to produce a bright flash of X-rays, which enabled them to make X-ray diffraction photographs in one-tenth of a billionth of a second.
The PBCr developed in the course of this project will be utilised for the construction of novel light sources of high-energy (h=102 keV up to GeV range) monochromatic electromagnetic radiation by means of a Crystalline Undulator (CU) 1 .
In 1998, a new NIST USAXS facility was installed and commissioned on the sector 33 undulator beam line.
The key step preventing X-ray holography from being a useful technique was the inability to record the hologram,' says Howells, "and now we've accomplished that step with the undulator and resist.
Contract award notice: EO007-16 Supply of 2 Undulator Magnet Structures U36 for Petra III.