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Worker A's unemployment motivates the government to announce its new unemployment compensation scheme.
Should private investment lag, the absence of such traditional "automatic stabilizers" as unemployment compensation, social security, and jobs programs could lead to very deep recession or even depression.
The model also assumes that an unemployed worker receives unemployment compensation in a fixed amount per period for as long as he or she is unemployed.
The Office of Integrity (OOI) has already implemented several initiatives to reduce fraud, waste and abuse, primarily in the unemployment compensation system.
The bill provides funding for job training from the administrative portion of the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund and is not tied to the size of the fund's surplus.
The court held, inter alia, that while negligence can constitute "willful misconduct" if it meets certain criteria, it is well-settled that a casual act of negligence cannot constitute willful misconduct so as to disqualify an employee from entitlement to unemployment compensation benefits if he or she is otherwise entitled to them.
Accordingly, anyone who has been denied unemployment compensation benefits should consult with legal counsel with expertise in unemployment compensation law.
The court determined whether these payments fit within the definition of "supplemental unemployment compensation benefits" (SUCBs) as used in Sec.
Revenue ruling 90-72 excludes certain supplemental unemployment compensation benefits (SUCBs) from the definition of wages for FICA, FUTA and RRTA purposes.
Ending poverty demands government programs, such as Social Security, unemployment compensation, Medicare, welfare, food stamps, Head Start, child care and more.
is proposing new rules to permit states to use unemployment compensation funds for employees on Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave.

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