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We will not be free from unfair competition till one of these fellows is hanged for an example,' he said.
Hoteliers have denounced the unfair competition and are demanding that regulations and monitoring be put in place for rental housing for tourism on the coasts, reports elnuevodiario.
Summary: Tripoli Mayor Nassif Kaloush vowed Wednesday to remove all unlicensed Syrian vegetable and fruit kiosks from the city's streets, a measure aimed ay reducing the burden on Lebanese merchants suffering from unfair competition.
Local producers are troubled due to unfair competition of 'cheap' cement imports and smuggling, at a time when construction boom in Tanzania is generating an increasing demand for cement.
Istanbul jewelers have filed a complaint to the Istanbul Commercial Courts against the Turkish post office (PTT), claiming the institution is causing unfair competition by buying and selling gold coins stamped with the PTT logo.
Cases and materials on copyright and other aspects of entertainment litigation including unfair competition, defamation, privacy, illustrated 8th ed.
The blog is devoted to addressing developments in non-compete and trade secret law in the Southeast and to providing practical information for businesses to consider as they deal with unfair competition issues.
jury ruled mostly in favor of defendants in a lawsuit that involved three Ohio-based telemarketing companies and their employees regarding purported trade secrets and unfair competition claims.
Bulgaria's Competition Protection Commission has decided to lower the fines that it imposes for unfair competition.
Based on such provisions and remedies, case law has developed a significant history of granting protection to distinctive trade dress, especially under the unfair competition rules.
The three manufacturers named in the lawsuit, which was based on the Japanese Unfair Competition Prevention Law, are Towa Pharmaceutical Co.
Editorial includes information on the range of antitrust issues, including mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, monopolistic practices, unfair competition, price fixing and predatory pricing, bid rigging, horizontal and vertical restraints, refusal to deal, patent licensing, private treble damage actions and U.