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BEHIND BARS: Builder Jason Costner, below who has been locked up after threatening and frightening two elderly customers into paying bills for unfinished work
Summary: Charles Dickens's great unfinished work Edwin Drood is to be given a new ending in a major BBC adaptation.
His topics include the foundational dogma of geometry, sophisticated methodological holism, infinity and nature, the counterweight of finitude, the beauty of symmetry, symmetry and culture, the familiarity of three-dimensionality, the difference of higher-dimensionality, and eight theses on the unfinished work of geometry.
In addition, increased business capacity allowed private sector firms time to reduce their levels of unfinished work, but the rate of decline was the slowest for seven months.
The case dates back to February 2006, when Wilmoth sued Meredith over quality issues and unfinished work on her house in west Little Rock's Cypress Point West neighborhood.
It is for us, the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.
The 39-year-old defendant allegedly attacked the electrician during an argument about unfinished work at his home in July last year.
The Russian author, best known for his novel Lolita, died in 1977 and had stipulated that his unfinished work be destroyed.
The pair will complete unfinished work from their December 2008 excursion outside the orbiting laboratory.
Output, order books and unfinished work all declined at record rates, while job shedding gathered pace in response to what many firms believe will be a prolonged and challenging economic slowdown.
In an "Epilogue" purportedly written by critic Sidney Workman, Gray reveals the novel's contents as largely a compendium of unfinished work he had at hand.
HALF A JOB: Lyn Pearson inspects unfinished work at his Newport home