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SIMPLEX. Simple or single; as, charta simplex, is a deed-poll, of single deed. Jacob's L. Dict. h.t.

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L1: FMS Layout 1-5 Machines only uni-directional flow of jobs
MANAMA: The shift in economic power from West to East and North to South is not purely uni-directional.
In this model, small sub-sections of right-handed beta-helix act cooperatively during the uni-directional conversion of hemolytically incompetent forms of hemolysin A into those that are able to bind red blood cells and facilitate hemolysis.
While the LT1500 meter is capable of bi-directional flow, when coupled with the HV1500 loading valve, it is a uni-directional component.
The case is equipped with a uni-directional rotating bezel for calculating dive times, and with a helium valve used for decompressing the watch after deep dives.
The built-in uni-directional mike does a good job of isolating the sound you want from background noise.
This may be considered singly or in conjunction with the directionality of communication: uni-directional (lecture, presentation, demonstration, interrogation and tutoring), multi-directional (focused on leading and controling the class dynamic--sharing among the group, debate, round table and panel--or focused on interaction and control of work--workshops, case studies, lab work, field work and research seminar).
Using Rengage strain-gage technology, the touch probe delivers uni-directional repeatability of 0.
costs by providing the user with field-selectable features, such as switch-selectable pressure ranges; selectable analog outputs that include true two-wire 4 to 20 mA output; three-wire 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC and 1 to 5 VDC output; and uni-directional and bi-directional ranging of span in one unit.
Omron Electronic Components LLC announces its D6F-03 uni-directional MEMS mass flow sensor which uses a thermopile element that converts thermal energy into electrical energy.
Pohl uses a nuanced critical approach, drawing heavily on modern interpretations of the relationship between architecture and gender: at times this leads her to interpret her chosen texts in rather a uni-directional way.
Under the deal, the materials producer will sell carbon fiber cloth prepreg for use in the plane's fuselage in addition to uni-directional prepreg employed in main wings and tail units, for which the company signed a separate long-term sale contract in May 2004.