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Shopfloor workers will be taking turns to drive a fleet of 25 Maxus vans with eye-catching Union Jack style livery around the region to promote the product they build.
On it he wrote: "Completing the lap of honour with the Union Jack ( flag) will always be my proudest moment.
If people want to have the Union Jack on the driving licence that's all well and good, but other people shouldn't be forced.
The Union Jack has featured heavily in a lot of interior design over the past few years, and with a summer packed with patriotic British celebrations, the retro fridge is not surprisingly attracting a huge interest and proving a popular choice.
DR Lewis in his letter (April 17) has corrected me in saying there are three flags that are important to Wales, ie the flag of St David, the flag of Owain Glyndwer and the Red Dragon, and not the Union Jack.
London, Aug 29 (ANI): British Prime Minister Tony Blair used to wear silk Union Jack boxer shorts, his indiscreet aides have revealed.
IAN POULTER has revealed he won't be bringing out his famous Union Jack trousers at The Open this week - because it would hit him in the pocket.
A new logo developed by British Chicken Marketing--the body set up to promote consumption of UK-produced chicken--is to combine the British Farm Standard little red tractor mark with a Union Jack.
Union Jack was more like a community--we rooted for everybody and played off each other.
Men should check out the trendy Lambretta collection at House of Fraser, which includes union jack shirts, and an array of cool jumpers, shirts and t-shirts boasting the England lion motif and St George's crosses.

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