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LIMITED EDITION: A distinctive Union Jack single sport stripe runs over the bonnet, roof and rear tailgate of Minis featuring the London 2012 Olympic graphic
JCB's Union Jack digger, which has been auctioned in support of Help for Heroes
The Scots and the Welsh do not fly the Union Jack nor do they sing the UK National anthem, so neither should we, the English, and unlike Scotland and Wales, England gets no benefit whatsoever from being part of the UK.
FLY THE FLAG "The Union Jack flag has become more popular in the home as the maximalism trend has taken over," says designer JoannaWood.
It really is irritating, especially at Scotland/England games, to see the Union Jack being ``taken over'' as an English flag.
Whether it's with Union Jacks or red buses there are quirky ways to add travel influences around your home.
Arriving at Heathrow for the Games, badminton player Reiko Shiota showed off her coloured nails featuring both the Japanese and Union Jack flags.
A FUEL efficient JCB digger decked out in Union Jack colours is off to the Great Yorkshire Show, which starts today.
Golcar Royal British Legion club flew the St George's Cross instead of the Union Jack on June 26.
REGARDING the article about the Union Jack being flown upside down in Hen Golwyn (July 10) and that it is said to be a sign of distress.

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