Union Shop

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Union Shop

A type of business in which an employer is allowed to hire a nonunion worker, who, however, must subsequently join the union in order to be permitted to continue work.

A union shop is different from a Closed Shop; in the latter situation, the employee must be a union member before being hired.


Labor Law; Labor Union.

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Compromise positions may be either a union shop that applies to new hires only or an "agency shop," where employees who decline to be members still owe the union a representation fee.
The result can be de facto union shops, as predicted by Samuel Gompers |1921, 84~: "Even if all the courts in the country should decide that the union shop contract is illegal, an impossible situation, the union shop would not disappear.
In addition, the public purse is still paying for full time trade union shop stewards throughout local government.
After becoming a nurse at the age of 19, she became a union shop steward in 1990.
He studied English at Oxford before becoming an assembly inspector and union shop steward and returned to Maesteg in 1970, rejoining the Labour party and becoming involved in local politics.
GMB general secretary Paul Kenny said union shop stewards from the Total site at Lindsey were waiting to meet a national official from Acas, claiming that employers were refusing to take part in talks.
Bob Toohey, Unite union shop steward, said: "This is a big blow but anything to do with the car industry is suffering and some people have been expecting this because of the economic downturn.
Labor bigwigs complained that Overture shouldn't get the tax break because Arco Plaza might indirectly benefit, and as far as they're concerned, no business should be allowed to prosper unless it's a union shop.
They are also furious with the treatment of a union shop steward, suspended following an incident in July.
DCNY), a certified woman-and minority-owned business enterprise (W/MBE) and a union shop with gross revenues that exceed $3 million.
John Pallister, a GMB union shop steward at the council, said: "The workforce are delighted to get this extra holiday as recognition for the work they have put into the comprehensive performance assessment.
The launch comes ahead of plans to open a Credit Union shop, making the facility more accessible for longer.

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