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UNIVERSITY. The name given to certain societies or corporations which are seminaries of learning where youth are sent to finish their education. Among the civilians by this term is understood a corporation.

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Address for Correspondence/Yazisma Adresi: Fusun Ferda Erdogan MD, Erciyes Universty Medical Faculty, Department of Neurology, Kayseri, Turkey
Aa Mr Barak's approval suggested the growing power of the far right in Mr Netanyahu's government, said Anat Matar, a philosophy professor at Tel Aviv Universty.
One of the criticisms levelled at bioenergy has been that land used to grow food has been turned over to production of biomass for energy generation, but Prof Hornung emphasised that the nature of the materials used by Aston Universty would not come into conflict with the world's food needs.
Teoria codurilor corectoare de erori, Bucharest Universty, ISBN 973-575-589-0, Bucharest
Nihat Caliskan, Ahi Evran Universty, Education Faculty, Department of Education Science, Kirsehir/Turkey.
The Queen's Universty Belfast aeronautical student will be hoping his soapbox, which looks like The Batmobile, will beat his top speed of 45 mph, which set the record speed down the 550m decline of Stormont's long avenue earlier this week.
Robin Lindsey is a professor in the Department of Economics at the Universty of Alberta.
But perverts like him who download child porn share the same psychological characteristics as paedophiles, according to new, research, at De Montfort Universty in in Leicester.
Responsible Conduct of Research, Oxford: Oxford Universty Press 2003.

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