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UNIVERSITY. The name given to certain societies or corporations which are seminaries of learning where youth are sent to finish their education. Among the civilians by this term is understood a corporation.

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Relationship of Coordinative Abilities to Performance in Badminton, Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education Deemed Universty Degree of Master of Physical Education, India.
Following the necessary legal preparations and inspections, Medipol Universty School of medicine Department of General Surgery was licensed to perform liver transplantations (license no 5064) by the Ministry of Health on 03.
2] Departments of Infectious Disease and Clinical Microbiology, Afyonkocatepe Universty School of Medicine, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey
Sean Macfaden's Valkyrie high speed |experience concept, which he created and exhibited for his final year automotive design project at Coventry Universty
BIM Software evaluation model for general contractors," Universty of Florida.
They added that around 331 displaced students from NWA have not been allowed to sit in the class rooms in Islamia Universty of Peshawar.
Al-Azhar Universty has been a focal point for demonstrations against the security forces and the government.
The alarmingly small cost for a life has been identified by researchers at Birmingham City Universty who have produced a study into contract killers.
degrees in Korean linguistics from Yonsei Universty, Seoul, Korea in 1991 and 1993, respectively.
Microfacies analysis and diagenetic setting of the Samana Suk Formation, Chichali Nala Section, Surghar Range, Trans Indus Ranges-Pakistan, Geological Bulletin, Punjab Universty, Lahore.

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