Unliquidated damages

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UNLIQUIDATED DAMAGES. Such damages, as are unascertained. In general such damages cannot be set-off. No interest will be allowed on unliquidated damages. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1108. See Liquidated, Liquidated Damages.

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Therefore, if it is intended that the employer will recover its actual losses, its unliquidated damages, then parties should express clearly that 'liquidated damages will not apply and the employer shall be entitled to recover its proven losses'.
1966) (holding tort claim for unliquidated damages did not justify dismissal for lack of jurisdiction).
Kaplan was entitled to a trial on the issue of unliquidated damages.
For example, the entry of a judgment on unliquidated damages following a default judgment has been held to be fundamental error where the defaulting party had no notice of the trial on damages (22) or the complaint upon which the default judgment was entered did not seek the damages thereafter awarded.