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The present situation makes it economically unfeasible and unpractical to produce shale oil from oil shale.
Ramezani added that current plans of using a Caspian Sea underwater gas pipeline to export gas from Turkmenistan to Europe through Azerbaijan would be expensive and unpractical.
Minus n(x,y) in g(x,y) is unpractical because of the unknown noise.
The guide combines practical and stylish wardrobe ideas with quick and easy fashion tips, giving new mums fashion inspiration without requiring them to worry about their wardrobe or investing in unpractical and expensive clothing.
If it took you five years to put on weight, three months to lose it is unsafe and unpractical.
Bone biopsy is considered as the gold standard for confirming a suspected diagnosis of osteomalacia [21], but can be unpractical for routine follow up and is not widely practiced.
The models become expensive and sometimes unpractical when they are put in motion.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Board of Directors of 'Kalashnikov' company considered as unpractical the assembly of AK-102 in the United States.
Al-Mikdad rejected the statement of principles raised on Wednesday by the opposition delegation and deemed it unpractical.
A political integration of Asia similar to the EU seems unpractical but some sort of economic integration can and must of course be achieved.
Earlier this month, Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski said extending the moratorium would be unpractical and breach agreements with the EU.