UNQUES, law French. Yet. This barbarous word is frequently used in pleas as, Ne unques executor, Ne unquas guardian, Ne unques accouple; and the like.

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unques awarde courageous and daring US ail squadrons destroyed 112 n planes in the air, another the ground, hundreds of trains ucks, even a ship.
His bravery was unques tionable and he was a catalyst for the success we saw in nine in a row.
Autre parole n'os en faz, Mais unques Rou, des qu'il fu ne, N'oct rien veu de sa beiaute: S'il la aime, s'il i entent, De ce n'os merveillez neient; Li cots, li oiz, qui bien la veient Ne puet estre ne resceient En desier e en doucor E en esveil de fin'amor.