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In this note, we announce an explicit formula of the unramified Shintani functions for [mathematical expression not reproducible], where F is of arbitrary characteristic.
Let [pi] : Z [right arrow] X be an unramified covering of complex spaces.
5 mm long, main axis less than 1 mm wide, unramified tips straight, length of tips more than 1 mm and about 0.
If the extension R [subset or equal to] S is unramified at all prime ideals of height one, we say that it is a Galois extension.
Among their topics are some notations related to Langlands functoriality, unramified correspondence, formation of the main result in the even case, and Eisenstein series.
Y]; in this case f : X [right arrow] Y is called the real 2-cyclic unramified covering of Y determined by L.
i] and [sigma] induce the same automorphism on the maximal unramified extension ([N.
n,[alpha],0] are unramified covers of some surfaces previously constructed by Inoue [7], and are called parabolic Inoue surfaces.
They cover representations of Weill groups, simple characters and tame parameters, action of tame characters, cuspidal representations, algebraic induction maps, some properties of the Langlands correspondence, a naive correspondence and the Langlands correspondence, totally ramified representations, unramified automorphic induction, discrepancy at a prime element, symplectic signs, and main theorem and examples.
1] with two points of total ramification must be unramified everywhere else, it follows that deg([f.
v] so, in particular, v is unramified in L and, a fortiori, L/K is separable.
Yamamoto, On unramified Galois extensions of quadratic number fields, Osaka J.