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The physics of neutrino mass and its cosmological manifestations, the physical fundamentals of the existence and possibilities of astronomic search for the mirror and shadow matter, unstable massive neutrinos, invisible axions, and the domains of antimatter in the baryon-asymmetric universe, primary black holes, various stable and unstable particles of the hidden mass are just some of the problems of elements of cosmomicrophysical analysis which should be studied when investigating the universe and physical laws determining its origin, structure and evolution.
The researchers fired a beam of antiprotons into a liquid-helium target, then used a sodium iodide detector to measure the energy--in the form of unstable particles known as pions--coming out of the target.
Detailed position-energy calculations of various arrangements, as done on crystals for example, could be done here to pin point the reasons behind an elementary particle to become stable or unstable in the presence of external disturbances, and also the explanation of the various probabilities associated with different break-up scenarios of unstable particles.