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Born into a poor Mahar (considered an untouchable caste) family, Ambedkar campaigned against social discrimination, the system of Chaturvarna - the categorization of Hindu society into four varnas - and the Hindu caste system.
The boom in call centers, banking, and tech companies led to the rapid expansion of a new middle class, and India's 200 million untouchables benefited from all the new jobs that were created.
Though male Untouchables are certainly victims of this oppression, female Untouchables are victimized even more.
But being an Untouchable Christian, she and hundreds of others in southern Indian states are being denied government relief assistance which is duly distributed among other communities.
And he has warned the rest of his star-studded squad that no-one is untouchable under his regime.
Harijan is a euphemism for the low castes and untouchables and means people of god.
The Untouchables, a Philly company founded in 1988, have done music videos, Soul Train, and opening gigs for Wu-Tang Clan and L.
After this, she deals with the setting of study with reference to the untouchables in Bhalara, the focal area of research site.
Chapter 5 concerns Gandhi's attempt to persuade India that sweeping was the highest profession, and his failure to see that the Harijans ("children of God"), as he called untouchables, needed emancipation, not just a better image.
For a racy twist on the Victoriana trend, The Untouchables have ripped up lacy black undies and stuck strips on to acrylic-tipped nails.
The untouchables, who prefer to be called ''Dalits'' (''oppressed'' in Hindi), began a National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, which will focus on abolishing the class system, ensuring the Dalits' fundamental rights, and ending the ''untouchable'' class by the new millennium.
He makes us wonder whether family nurtures or creates untouchables (or vice versa).