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Researchers have discovered the oldest figurative tattoos in the world on the upper arms of two ancient Egyptian mummies, the British Museum said on Thursday.
The undersides of women's upper arms tend to droop and become flabby as they get older, making triceps exercises essential for improved appearance as well as strength.
These garments drape enough in the armscye to camouflage the fullness, but they often drag along the upper arm when moving around.
12 Hence this study was aimed at determining whether hand grip strength in healthy adults is correlated with measurement of lung function such as peak expiratory flow rate and with other anthropometric markers such as height weight BMI and specific markers of upper limb muscle mass such as mean arm circumference and upper arm length.
Caption: The upper arm bone of a professional baseball player's throwing arm is bigger (see bone cross section, right), stronger and more massive than that of his nonthrowing arm.
The triceps are situated along the entire length of the back of the upper arm and performing exercises such as the tricep dip will help to tone up saggy underarms.
The sense of touch was achieved by sending the digitally refined signal through wires into four electrodes that were surgically implanted into what remains of Sorensen's upper arm nerves.
Upper arm lift procedures may involve liposuction or cutting away excess skin.
Although blood pressure is usually measured in the upper arm, issues such as vascular access surgeries and difficulty in finding the right-sized cuff for some patients prompt caregivers to use other sites.
Taking a protease inhibitor or a proton pump inhibitor (a drug that controls stomach acid) was linked to a higher risk of hip, spine, or upper arm fractures in a large study of HIV-positive US male veterans.
For 58 per cent of women over 50 sagging upper arm skin are their main problem area, compared with 43 per cent of under 30s who simply want slimmer arms.

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