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Urban Boulevard Conway is working to create a better entryway to its historic downtown with design standards for new development that will turn Oak Street into an urban boulevard.
Councillors are also considering a long-term policy to remodel and downgrade Great Charles Street as an urban boulevard and expand the city centre, merging it with St Paul's Square and the Jewellery Quarter.
920 in Antony - development of Aristide Briand Avenue between Auguste Mounie Street and the intersection of the Cross of BernyThe work of this consultation are intended to - Give a urban and landscape character by transforming the current lane urban boulevard in one or two lines in each direction,- Renovate the road heritage, green spaces, road equipment,- Create a bicycle path on either side of the road connecting the privileged routes of the city of Antony,- Replace the street lighting, traffic lights and networks.
The masterplan shows high-quality design, modern buildings, new public spaces and a new tree-lined urban boulevard approach to the town centre along Newport Road.
This project creates a new urban boulevard, which reflects Liverpool's status as a major European city.
Contract notice: PUP St Pierre - Municipality of CARROS - Creation of an urban boulevard
Planners hope to remove traffic bottlenecks on Edge Lane by widening the road and creating a prestigious new urban boulevard into the city.
Contract notice: Security coordination of benefits and health protection for the design and implementation phases of the south urban boulevard project.
Contract notice: Project management assistance for the retraining operation of r & d in 1201 into an urban boulevard.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: recognition and topographic postponement of networks on the track of the project on urban boulevard vichy cusset.