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The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as The Nation's Report Card, provides results for the nation, states/jurisdictions and selected urban districts.
As of the end of 2012, in six urban districts of the region, the small and medium business count per 10,000 people exceeded the average value (405,7 units).
Louis school districts creates a complex and fragmented labor market that exacts a penalty on urban districts and teachers.
In 18 urban districts examined more closely, the average suspension rate for all students was 22.
Ken Roach, MBE, first became a councillor on the former Bedlingtonshire Urban District Council in 1955.
RAND analysts present case studies of three typically beleaguered urban districts, studied from 2002-2005, to meet the challenges of improving instructional quality and performance.
Berlin's history reaches back 750 years, and even before the forced division of the Cold War, it was more a collection of 23 urban districts than a metropolis with a distinct town center.
The problem is so critical that some urban districts have begun implementing special initiatives to deal with it.
Urban districts go begging for teachers, while suburban districts, with higher salaries and fewer problems, have the pick of the litter.
By establishing these connections, the entry creates a number of functionally coherent urban districts.
Entire urban districts are under evaluation regarding which buildings - or entire retail streets - should be targeted for economic revitalization, or razing.
School districts in the CSTP program currently include large and complex urban districts such as Highline and Spokane, as well as outlying areas such as Toppenish and Cle Elum-Roslyn.

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