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While the urbanization rates in transition countries are not statistically different from the urbanization rates in other countries, distribution of city sizes in transition countries deviates considerably from the distribution in other countries at least in two important ways.
5 billion and urbanization rate will reach 75 percent.
Urbanization rate in China 1949-2011 Year 1953 1982 1986 2011 2030 (expected) Urbanization rate 13.
TABLE 1 Correlation Matrix of Control Variables Income Urbanization Literacy Income Rate Rate Inequality Income Urbanization rate 0.
Turkey's average annual population growth rate of 1,94% over the past 20 years and high urbanization rate have been the driving forces behind the development of the Turkish housing sector, which accounts for some 4% of GNP for 2001.
The statistically significant positive association between urbanization and human development in all models suggest that an increase in urbanization rate enhances human development.
We consider urbanization rate or the share of the total population living in areas defined as urban in each country and carbon dioxide emissions per capita to capture the effect of environmental factors on life expectancy.
The urbanization rate has reached the European average and mobilization of commodities and services has increased dramatically.
Rising global population, rising urbanization rate, invention of innovative products such as LED, rising go green initiatives, are some of the drivers of the lighting equipment market.
The urbanization rate is likely to increase from just above 50 to around 60 percent by 2020 and 65 percent by 2030.
The Chinese government wants a 70 percent urbanization rate in the next 30 years, translating into 1.
The unprecedented urbanization rate in Asia relies on smart buildings to reduce climate change impact.