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Established in Ecuador in 1996, Urbano expanded to El Salvador in 1998 and Peru in 2003.
Andres Borrero, Chief Executive Officer of URBANO, added, "This is an exciting period of growth for URBANO, and we look forward to a successful partnership with Abraaj.
The Priceline Group has truly global scale and partners with the world's best and most diverse accommodations worldwide -- from hotels to villas and beyond," said Joao Ricardo and Jose Eduardo Mendes, co-founders of Hotel Urbano.
The deals will see Urbano, its Italian restaurant concept, open soon in Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Turkey.
Jumeirah Restaurants signed a licensing agreement with a key food and beverage market leader in Bahrain to open Urbano restaurants in Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.
El aislamiento de los personajes de Salas seria una forma de protesta frente al nuevo entramado urbano en el cual no saben conducirse.
Urbano peaked early, but couldnAEt sustain the momentum created by its antipasti selection.
Nel secondo capitolo dedicato all'analisi di Tra donne sole di Pavese, lo spazio urbano privilegiato diventa quello della Torino dell'immediato dopoguerra, stretta tra forze operaie ed antifasciste e, al contempo, pulsioni aristocratiche e profondamente fasciste.
Helmed by ex-Starbucks honcho Phil Broad, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Italian fare at Urbano will be more Pizza Hut than mama's home cooking, but it's not.
Desert Lounge in Marrakech, Morocco - presented by Puro Urbano and Beach - is one of the highlights of the international calendar.
Torino president Urbano Cairo confirmed their interest.
Then, on Friday, WBA number six lightweight Urbano Antillon, with 22 straight wins to his name, heads a bill which also features Marco Antonio Rubio, the big-punching Mexican already pencilled in to face Pavlik in the autumn.