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5bn EPSA announced in 2005, a Gazprom-UNG venture is exploring the Urga, Kuanysh and Achalakskie fields on the 200,000 sq km Ustyurt Basin (between the Aral and Caspian Seas).
Abuye C and K Urga Determinants of iodine Deficiency in school children in different regions of Ethiopia.
Earlier, Uzbekistan had planned to give the fields Urga, Kuanish and the Akchalak group for development to the Russian company Gazprom.
Ethiopian Urga Negowu reached the finishing line first at a recordbreaking 2:13:41 - bagging EUR3,720 in prize money.
It contributes to the modest literature on stock markets in Russia (Rockinger and Urga, 2000; Anatolyev, 2005).
In our investigation, as in Driver, Temple, and Urga (2005) and Byrne and Davis (2005), we use a GARCH model to proxy for macroeconomic uncertainty.
Appadorai who was director of the School of International Studies, and Professor Ram Urga Singh of Lucknow Law Faculty.
Estrin and Urga (1997) find only limited evidence for convergence within the former Soviet Union, as well as within various groups of Central European command economies.
He had Urga, Batman Senora, Sun Storm and Chant Royal behind him in the Group 3 Prix Ingre earlier this month, and meets them all on better terms this afternoon.
For similar rituals, see, for example, Chos-rje Ngagdbang-dpat-ldan of Urga (p.
Addis G, Urga K and D Dikasso Ethnobotanical study of edible wild plants in some selected districts of Ethiopia.
And as the charity fun-runners got their certificates tucked away and headed in out of the rain the blue tape went across the line for Ethiopian Urga Negowu to blast over it and win the men's race in a mind-blowing 2:13:41.