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Of course, a usability lab is not quite the same environment as a tester's office.
Design and usability tests that take place in the usability lab and are considered by most people to be the traditional usability activities.
She was also instrumental in starting up the usability lab at Intel.
Writers assumed active roles in usability testing and interface design and served as liaisons between the engineering team and the central usability lab.
NASDAQ:THQI) today announced that it will open a new, state-of-the-art Usability Lab located at The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University, SMU's graduate program for video game design and development.
Among many programs, the Usability Lab utilizes a live focus group where real consumers can provide detailed feedback on aspects including digital marketing, design, and functionality.
The new RecruitLadder features are the result of extensive usability lab testing we conducted with HR professionals," said Marc Cenedella, CEO and Founder of TheLadders.
CS SessionReplay gives ForeSee Results' clients a deeper view of the online customer experience without the artificial environment or expense of a usability lab.
The addition of CS SessionReplay to ForeSee Results' suite of predictive customer satisfaction analytics enables companies to watch the actual experiences of selected site visitors in order to get a deeper view of the online experience without the artificial environment or expense of a usability lab.
For more information about Open Solutions or its new Enterprise Usability Lab, contact Mickey Goldwasser at mgoldwasser@opensolutions.
Keynote WebEffective is the only mobile online research tool providing marketers, researchers and advertisers a customer experience and usability lab without walls.
Users will test for product effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in new Enterprise Usability Lab