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The new accounting system has improved order fulfillment and payments for used textbook buy backs, and gives management better and timely information about costs, sales and profit margins for each textbook title, new or used, in inventory.
In addition the Used Textbook Association said it has appointed Tom Ebert of New Jersey Books as vice president.
In addition the organisation aims to inform faculty of the importance of timely adoptions to create stronger buy-back programmes and launch a campaign to increase the supply of used textbooks.
Pick 10 Free Song Downloads With the Purchase of Any New or Used Textbooks
College Students Can Save Up To 90% Buying Used Textbooks Online
57 billion, despite escalating growth of used textbooks and returns of unsold books, according to the newly released College Publishing Market Forecast 2005-2006, the latest strategic market report from Simba Information, a leading media industry forecast and analysis firm.
The proposers solution shall provide for multi-campus, multi-user, bookstore software system solutions which assists the stores in streamlining, organizing and facilitating, more effective sourcing and selling books in the marketplace; adjusts for dynamic pricing on textbook sales, rentals, and buyback of new and used textbooks in the existing LACCD WinPRISM POS system, The solution will assist the campus bookstores to provide better real time prices and services to students etc.
Amazon claims used textbooks can be purchased for up to 90 percent tess through its website.
IF YOUR DISTRICT HAS UNUSED AND used textbooks stuffed in a closet somewhere, you may have an untapped revenue source.
If professors put in extra research and encouraged students to buy older or used textbooks, this act alone could allow for a dramatic cost reduction.
Nauright invited Emory nursing school faculty and students to donate used textbooks for Dillard's nursing school.