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The variables are as follows: (1-4) a reaction time threshold from each section of the Useful Field of View task (speed of processing, divided attention, and two selective attention tasks); (5-6) Trail Making Test cognitive flexibility scores including both ratio and subtraction of time to complete for the Trail Making Test forms A and B; (7) time estimation accuracy ratio; and (8) threshold of signal detection for the 3-D structure from motion task.
Limited (Level 2b) evidence, based on one good-quality randomized controlled trial (Roenker, Cissell, Ball, Wadley, & Edwards, 2003), suggests that speed-of-processing training improves useful field of view and, hence, driving performance in older individuals with useful field of view deficits.
A visual search task, visual monitoring task, and useful field of view task were presented on a computer that recorded each participant's response.
Older driven with a restricted useful field of view (UFOV) are three to four times more likely to have automobile accidents.