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Maybe you would like to volunteer and help do event management, people development, budgeting, vendor management, or even set the strategic vision of the user group.
It is ironic that present-day user groups have taken over what the telecomm associations originally were established to do.
Support from Revolution Analytics to help promote user group meetings and events, including at the R Community Calendar;
Other members of the i2 User Group board of directors include Ravi Vancheeswaran of ON Semiconductor, Mike Gray of Dell and Andy Cordischi of BNSF Logistics.
It was a pleasure to have hosted this event, which at the time was the largest Moldflow user group ever," said Andreas Schmedding, Moldflow Regional Sales Director for Central Europe.
With the addition of 450 customers that are now part of TMW Systems as a result of the Maddocks Systems acquisition in September 2006, attendance at next year's User Group conference is projected to be in excess of 1,500 transportation professionals.
Held in Cambridge, Massachussetts, the sixth annual Kalido User Group Conference was a record-breaking event, boasting more attendees, customer organizations and partner organizations than in any previous year.
Initially established by Tangoe, the CMP User Group will be self managed by a membership drawn from Tangoe clients and partners, with participation from Tangoe liaisons.
Eastern Regional User Group Registration or Central Regional User Group Registration.