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Interviews of personnel in several federal agencies whose e-mail systems employ records management pop-ups that require desktop end users to make records management decisions indicate that the resulting quality of records management is very poor.
Because most mobile users aren't attached to the network all of the time, the responsibility often falls on each remote user to perform backups on his or her own, as the survey suggested.
The elevated risk of breast cancer in current users of estrogen-only therapy did not vary with the type or dose of hormone, and was the same whether the estrogen was administered orally, transdermally or through implants.
With this option, when two or more users update the same cells and then save the workbook, the Resolve Conflicts dialog box will appear (see exhibit 3, below).
All users were anonymous and could not be identified in any way.
As the questions and Mike's responses appear in a portion of the computer screen, users see a full-body view of Mike seated in front of them and a close-up of his face in another part of the screen.
A mini-computer based system consists of one very powerful processor capable of manipulating large amounts of data quickly and supporting many simultaneous tasks and users.
Secure Application Access - Powered by the Citrix Access Gateway line of SSL VPNs, Presentation Server's newly enhanced secure application access capability gives users a secure, always-on, single point-of-access to all of their applications, regardless of whether they are delivered via Presentation Server.
When a second NAS box is added, the administrator must once again set up network shares and inform users of its existence so that they can mount/map to it.
Some remote users may never have been in-library users, while others are crossover users who continue to come into the physical library to complete certain tasks.
Yet, because user names usually ensure anonymity, many BBS users express their opinions on issues of emotional importance to them.