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USHER. This word is said to be derived from a huissier, and is the name of an inferior officer in some English courts of law Archb. Pr. 25.

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Puede consultarse la revision de Taylor, Ussher y Faulkner (2007) para una presentacion pormenorizada de los resultados de dicha linea de investigacion.
According to Ussher, severe cases of monthly moodiness are more common among women in their mid-30s or older with multiple responsibilities, women with relationship difficulties, or whose partners provide little understanding and support.
Con esta interpretacion de Hubble del corrimiento hacia el rojo del espectro (4) de las galaxias lejanas, aunada a los descubrimientos de los radioastronomos Arno Penzias y Robert Wilson en 1965 de la radiacion cosmica de fondo, se pudo calcular una fecha para el famoso Big Bang hace 13 973 billones de anos, (5) de los cuales la Tierra ha estado presente cerca de 4 600 millones de anos, y el Homo sapiens solo unos 100 000 anos, un tiempo un tanto diferente al planteado por Ussher.
Within months of being elected in 2005, Ussher asked the Commons authorities to fund refurbishment of her family home in south London, including the removal of a "bad taste" Artex ceiling.
Ussher, one of several cabinet ministers to resign in recent weeks, denied she had done anything wrong, but said she had decided to leave the government to avoid causing embarrassment to Gordon Brown, Britain's prime minister.
And after crossing the finish line at Al Ain's Al Jahili Fort to claim the event's $40,000 prize, captain Richard Ussher admitted he was already thinking about going for the hat-trick next year.
In the middle of the seventeenth century, both the Irish Calvinist Archbishop Ussher and the liberal Anglican circle formed at Great Tew discovered in Hooker grounds for a moderate, comprehensive Church of England.
LONDON: The publication at end June 2008 of a detailed "Impact Assessment of Sukuk (Islamic Bonds) Legislation" in the UK and the confirmation by Kitty Ussher, the economic secretary to the Treasury and City minister, that she was hopeful that it would be possible to issue a debut UK sovereign sukuk sometime during 2009, and that the Treasury's Debt Management Office was working toward this possibility, has raised expectations that the UK might well be a growing market for corporate Sukuk originations over the next few years.
In the late 1620s William Laud communicated with James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh and effective primate of Ireland, about recovering Irish impropriations.
Kitty Ussher, Economic Secretary to HM Treasury, HE Rasheed M.
James Ussher and John Bramhall: The Theology and Politics of Two Irish Ecclesiastics of the Seventeenth Century.
Alan Ford's new biography of this Primate of the Church of Ireland acknowledges that in spite of the vast scale of Ussher's own learning, which encompassed patristics and theology, Church history and ancient and Biblical languages, Ussher remains best known today for his chronological survey of the world, which led him to date the beginning of the world to 4004 BC.