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A diagnosis of subacute uterine inversion was made and resuscitation was performed using ringer's lactate fluid and 4 units of packed red blood cells.
Various aetiological factors have been linked to uterine inversion, though no obvious causes are found.
We present a case in which future recurrence of uterine inversion is prevented with the placement of an abdominal cerclage at the time of reduction of the uterine inversion.
Obviously, cord traction isn't the only cause of uterine inversion but, as I have unintentionally proved, it can happen.
Correction of uterine inversion by placing a cupped hand in the vagina and applying upward pressure is known as the Johnson method.
Other causes of primary PPH include retained placental tissues, uterine rupture, lower genital tract trauma, uterine inversion and consumptive coagulopathy.
INTRODUCTION: Uterine inversion is a condition in which the fundus of the uterus prolapses through the cervix thus turning uterus inside out.
Uterine atony is seen in association with a number of conditions like multiparity; prolonged labor, incoordinate uterine activity, placental causes, uterine over distention, uterine inversion, chorioamnionitis, drugs etc.
Since then nitroglycerin has become increasingly popular for use during cerclage placement, tocolysis for fetal distress, internal and external versions, entrapped fetus, cesarean section, and uterine inversion.
CONCLUSION: Although giant cervical fibroid-polyp is rare, it may masquerade cervical malignancy or uterine inversion and proper evaluation is needed to make an accurate diagnosis.
Non- puerperal uterine inversion usually results secondary to tumour implanted at fundus of the uterus.