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Uteroplacental insufficiency affects epigenetic determinants of chromatin structure in brains of neonatal and juvenile IUGR rats.
Uteroplacental insufficiency is the most common cause of prerenal oligohydramnios, and the decreased amniotic fluid is a direct result of decreased fetal renal perfusion.
Deutinger et al (5) found that early diastolic notch was associated with increased uteroplacental insufficiency.
Overall bilateral notch in the uterine artery as a single parameter is better than the individual Doppler indices for developing obstetric complications related to uteroplacental insufficiency.
It has been hypothesized that anxiety during pregnancy may be associated with fetal-placental insufficiency or uteroplacental insufficiency.
CONCLUSION: that abnormal uteroplacental vasculature and chronic uteroplacental insufficiency, coagulation related pathology in the uteroplacental, intervillous and fetoplacental vasculature and chronic inflammatory lesions may be primary disease processes related to the placental pathology of IUGR.