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The main studies were aimed at checking the statement, that VMA would stabilise the concrete mix, make it more homogenous and not prone to segregation.
With VMA Group's track record and Francesca's communications background and local knowledge, we aim to provide an exemplary service for clients and candidates alike.
Calibrators were prepared in deionized water by the addition of working solution (20 mg/L) to VMA concentrations of 0 (blank), 1.
5% of patients treated with ocriplasmin saw resolution of VMA, compared with 10.
Recently, however, we observed the development of a pink color in the final stage of the procedure, masking the blue color of VMA (Fig.
Now proud from his son's speech during the annual MTV VMA, the mother of five added that Jesse chose to do it alone and chase his dreams on his own.
The KineGraph VMA system is designed to improve a test routinely prescribed by spine surgeons--the flexion/extension x-ray.
Contact point (s): VMA - otdel Logistika, sektor Informatsionna i fizicheska sigurnost
Twitter is abound of VMA viewers who thought Lorde shouldn't have won the award.
VMA is an invisible, non-wearable system that continuously tracks heart and respiration rates, bed occupancy and movement without ever touching the patient directly or indirectly.