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At Bus & Board 2006, Motorola is showing a proof of concept demonstration that links VMEbus and MicroTCA platforms using NDDS over Ethernet.
The V2S has all the bells and whistles one would expect from a processor board that redefines VMEbus performance, including a Marvell MV64460 PowerPC System Controller (Discovery III) bridge chip, two Gigabit Ethernet ports (three with the convection version), one 64-bit 66 MHz PCI bus interface, and two MPSC ports for RS-232 and RS-422 rear I/O ports.
and Tyco Electronics as part of what Motorola calls the "VME Renaissance," which the company launched last year at the Bus & Board(TM) conference in support of the VMEbus it helped create more than 21 years ago.
Key benefits and elements of the proposed standards include: -- The addition of a switched-serial interconnect to VMEbus coincident with the VMEbus parallel bus, which is accomplished by adding a new P0 connector for passing the high speed signals.
and the leader of the VMEbus technology, today unveiled
VenturCom will also create a Windows NT Embedded configuration for Dynatem's DRC1 single-slot, single-board, VMEbus computer, and offer it at no cost through VenturCom's CENTer (http://vcisrv.
Nasdaq: SBEI), a designer and marketer of data communications products for the networking market, today announced that Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT) has awarded SBE preferred vendor status for SBE's complete product line and, specifically, its VMEbus based networking products, entering into a global multi-million dollar, multi-year agreement with SBE.
HOUSTON & OSLO, Norway -- VMETRO, the inventors of the first VMEbus analyzer, today announced the update and expansion of the industries leading VME Renaissance enabled Bus Analyzer.
Additionally, in order to further strengthen the company's position in the embedded systems market, SBE has become a member of the VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA).
SedNet FireWire adapters enable system designers and integrators working with real-time applications such as simulation systems, manufacturing automation and industrial control, to connect virtually any computer system to VMEbus, PCI, CompactPCI(R), PMC, or SBus systems.
General Micro Systems, a leading supplier of VMEbus and CompactPCI board-level products and systems, today announced the P60x "4 x 4", the first single-board computer based on Intel's (Nasdaq:INTC) new Embedded Roadmap Pentium M Processor 745 (formerly known as Dothan).