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Strengthening the Kingdom's coastal surveillance, we are confident that GOP's control of the VTMS will ensure greater operational efficiency and higher service quality.
Griskevicius said that the VTM demonstrated the 'branch-in-a-box' concept.
To better address the testing requirements of a wider range of thermoplastics, Dynisco engineers recently enhanced the VTM with two major modifications.
Drawing from parent company VTM Group's more than 15 years of experience with special interest organizations of all sizes and industries, Ascensha created Causeway specifically for associations.
in November 2009; NCR launched a series of new products or solutions in Taiwan in March 2014, mainly involving VTM, cardless withdrawal, ATM parcel service, etc.
Since China Guangfa Bank (CGB) launched the first set of VTM in July 2012, Bank of Communications, Bank of China, China Guangfa Bank, China Minsheng Banking Corp.
The VTM Group, a family of companies operating in a variety of industries including industry association management, global marketing, PR, events management, and IT consulting, today announced that Sunrise Digital Strategies LLC, a consulting firm that develops strategies for building business in the space where digital entertainment content meets internet distribution and delivery to consumers, has joined the VTM Group.
VTM will entertain private label requests for a select number of large accounts subject to completing the organic certification process for such additional brands.
Prior to formally launching its services, VCE's contracting teams completed work on a number of local commercial properties, including Portland's North Precinct Police Bureau and the main office building for Beaverton-based VTM, Inc.
Tenders are invited for Supply of New Teakwood & Aluminium Pattern Equipments, 14 BELLOWS BONNET Qty 1P + 1CB, 14 VSC (M) CAGE Qty 1P + 1 CB, 14 VSC (M) PLUG Qty 1P + 1 CB, 8 VTM PLUG Qty 1P.
The marketing communications division of Beaverton-based VTM, Inc.