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Samples were transferred to an Immobilon-P membrane (Millipore), and we subsequently detected VWF by Western blot using a monoclonal anti-VWF antibody (Dako).
At the amino-terminus of its extracellular domain, GPIb[alpha] (the largest protein of the complex) contains the binding site for VWF (8) and [alpha]-thrombin, (9) and has binding sites for [14.
Many men who suffer from VWF cannot do normal tasks like clean the windows or paint the bathroom and the loss of services payment is designed to compensate for that.
Another important reagent used in the evaluation of platelet function by aggregation is the antibiotic ristocetin, which facilitates the binding of VWF to the glycoprotein Ib/IX/V complex.
He said the nine lead cases were representative of some 25,000 similar claims brought by miners who alleged that they had developed VWF because of British Coal's negligence.
These challenges can be best met by following best practice, including confirmed diagnosis, paying attention to both VWF factor and FVIII in order to avoid thrombotic complications and utilizing the appropriate choice of concentrate in treatment.
VWF circulates in the blood as an array of molecules ranging in size from small dimers [relative molecular mass ([M.
He spent 42 years down the pit from the age of 14 and now suffers from the debilitating VWF condition.
Yesterday's High Court hearing involved Roger Maddocks, a partner at Newcastle solicitors Irwin Mitchell, who is part of the national group co-ordinating VWF compensation claims.
It would also be very subjective, but the centres will work to a standard test in order to determine the degree of VWF, so it will create uniformity across the country.
In Scotland, hundreds of former miners have been diagnosed with VWF.