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Within the domed steel vaccuum the single report became myriad, high and everywhere about the concave ceiling like invisible unearthly winged creatures of that yet unvisioned tomorrow, mechanical instead of blood bone and meat, speaking to one another in vicious highpitched ejaculations as though concerting an attack on something below.
Antoine Zahra said he expected the government crisis to "last more than seven months since there is no possibility to name other than Hariri for the post of prime minister," in reference to the vaccuum that followed the end of term of former President Emile Lahoud in 2007.
AMUT new co-rotating twin screw high vaccuum technology for r-PET sheet continues to be successfully utilized in a number of countries and gaining on the traditional single screw with dryer technology for drying the r-PET material.
lt;p>Deputy Doueihy showed Marada Movement's readiness to be outside the governmental structure in order to facilitate the formation and end the political vaccuum, confirming that if "Free Patriotic" Movement received a state ministry Deputy Sleiman Frenjieh won't be the minister.
The fish comes wrapped in a specially patented foil pouch, which creates a vaccuum seal to prevent the aroma and juices from escaping.
Some analysts have suggested that Yusuf's resignation could create a political vaccuum and further destabilise the security situation as Ethiopian troops prepare to leave.
The Wilderness, the Commissary, and the Bedroom: Faulkner's Ike McCaslin as a Hero in a Vaccuum.
Henry, furious at being told by Wenger he was unfit to face Spurs on Saturday, is accused, too, of trying to fill the power vaccuum left by national icon Zinedine Zidane.
nec Dried, smoked or Vaccuum cleaners, Electronic equipment, salted fish polishers, etc.