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The residual starch-g-PVAc copolymer was dried in the air-circulating oven at 50[degrees]C to a constant weight and then in vacuo for another 2 h at 60[degrees]C, denoted as [W.
The spectra in vacuo are determined assuming simple attenuation of the photons by the 50 cm of air, and the air kerma in the numerator and the denominator is evaluated using Eq.
After the reaction was complete, the APFS, colorless and viscous oil, was kept at 60[degrees]C in a vacuum oven for 24 h and was then distilled in vacuo at 125[degrees]C for 2 h.
Ventricular differences between hydrostatic hydrocephalus and hydrocephalus ex vacuo by computed tomography.
Collected extracts were then filtered and concentrated in vacuo at 40[degrees]C.
Gaseous HCI was bubbled through for about a minute, and solvent was removed in vacuo.
People do not exist in vacuo, the are the product of conditioning, circumstance, custom, usage and conviction.
Diagnostic imaging and postmortem findings were consistent with a diagnosis of hydrocephalus ex vacuo.
A segunda amostra, pesando 48 g, foi colocada em copo de vidro de 200 mL e fumigada em dessecador acoplado a uma bomba a vacuo, contendo um frasco bequer de 50 mL com 20 mL de cloroformio livre de alcool.
The archaeology of Nubia has long tended to be studied in vacuo.
Where works are pretermitted, reasons should be given rather than passed over in silence; failure to do so risks presenting Caravaggio's secure work in vacuo.
The solution was filtered and evaporated in vacuo to yield a powdered extract.