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Despite this finding, which also correlates with the worldwide literature as well, instrumental deliveries, especially vacuum extraction, have become the instrument of choice to reduce to maternal morbidity and minimise the risk of increasing rate of caesarean section.
However the vacuum extraction procedure is also being critically analyzed for its advantages and side effects6.
Preexisting hypoxia or coagulopathy have been proposed, but most proposals focus on vacuum extraction technique: difficult extraction, prolonged vacuum use, incorrect cup placement, rocking motions during extraction, and incorrect direction of traction.
Three quarters of the babies born with vacuum extraction, 33% of the babies born vaginally, and only 7% of those born by cesarean section had retinal hemorrhaging.
Mr Flanagan had the technology patented and started a business called K&C Automation to manufacture the vacuum extraction system for other production and machine shops.
It fitted with both common sense and the expert evidence that the severe oxygen starvation which arose 15-20 minutes before Mr Leech's birth, by Caesarean section, was caused by an "ill advised" attempt at delivery by forceps after a labour that hadrun for too long and failed attempts at delivery by vacuum extraction.
Subsoil remediation for the Aquatic Centre site began in November 2007, using dual-phase vacuum extraction (DPVE) to remove the LNAPL.
plasser and theurer vm80 vacuum extraction vehicles.
Vacuum extraction can be safely used for the extraction of the head if it is not possible to deliver it manually.
Washington, March 6 ( ANI ): Women with more than a 16 kg (30 lbs) weight gain during pregnancy are at an increased risk of vacuum extraction delivery or Cesarean section (C-section), Researchers from Norway say.
The EPA set in place a multi-barrier cap over the landfill area, a soil cap over an adjacent marshy area, in-place sparging of groundwater and soil vacuum extraction of soil contaminated with volatile organic compounds.
High-grade wet-dry vacuum extraction systems that capture bugs, eggs and allergy-inducing waste.