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Jose Maria Vigil, "Un vademecum para el ecumenismo," Vol.
Vademecum duurzaam parkeerbeleid, Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken Afdeling Beleid Mobiliteit en Verkeersveiligheid.
A vademecum of Italian state libraries published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy, together with information on institutional websites, also proved to be fundamental in preparing this article.
Great Expectations is used as an all-purpose vademecum by the only white man left on the island to teach the children about England.
11-48), provides a convenient vademecum through the existing scholarly and popular literature and debates on the history of Jews in the Islamic world generally and Egypt particularly.
In his best known work, the 1648 Oraculo manual y arte de prudencia, composed of three hundred aphorisms which constitute a vademecum of savoir vivre, silence is just as important as words, for one must "conduct oneself with one's temperament suspended" and escape from dull clarity: "thoughtful silence is the sanctuary of wisdom" ("es el recatado silencio sagrado de la cordura" [[section]3]).
2001): The Dental Vademecum, Das Dental Vademeckum(Ddv), 7: 598-603
Estelle, who remains a true daughter of Goa despite living in Delhi, decided to subject our vademecum to the acid test: wherever we went to eat she asked for torr, a typical Goan accompaniment consisting of green mango slivers pickled in brine.
Vademecum on Access to Documents, DG Trade internal briefing, European Commission, Brussels, January 2009; text available on WikiLeaks.
Buffon, dans sa celebre Histoire naturelle, generale et particuliere (1749-1788), vademecum scientifique des Lumieres, ne categorise pas les amerindiens a un rang bien avantageux (54), mais ils echappent aux extremes que constituent selon lui les Africains et les Lapons (55).