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Early next year, clinical trials on antimicrobial vaginal rings will be completed, and studies of long-acting antiretroviral injections are under way.
The Council's long-acting reversible contraceptive vaginal ring contains Nestorone[R] and ethinyl estradiol.
Reasons postulated for early vaginal ring pessary entrapment may be related to the type of pessary material (vulcanised rubber v.
The gray-white LSR vaginal ring weighs 8 g and contains 25 mg of the microbiocide Dapivirine, as well as 30% silica in both A and B components.
Several studies have suggested that cycle control with the combined contraceptive vaginal ring was superior to that with a combined OCP (10-12).
Since the first oral contraceptive was approved in 1960, women's options grew with approval of more than 40 birth control pills and the development of other forms of hormonal contraception in transdermal patches, the vaginal ring, implants, and intrauterine devices (IUDs).
AIDS experts have long been searching for a microbicide -- a cream, gel or vaginal ring that women or men could use as a chemical shield to protect themselves from sexual transmission of the deadly and incurable virus.
A NEW contraceptive product -- a vaginal ring -- was introduced in the Indian market on Wednesday without the mandatory clinical studies in the country.
A review of randomized controlled trials indicates that the contraceptive patch and the vaginal ring are similar in effectiveness to combined oral contraceptives.
You could use a skin patch or vaginal tablet or cream, take a pill, or get an implant, shot, or vaginal ring insert.
To the Editor: There is probably still a place, albeit small, for the use of a vaginal ring pessary.