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VAGRANT. Generally by the word vagrant is understood a person who lives idly without any settled home; but this definition is much enlarged by some statutes, and it includes those who refuse to work, or go about begging. See 1 Wils. R. 331; 5 East, R. 339: 8 T. R. 26.

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In other words an institution that primarily confined vagrants, although it also contained criminals, became in time a prison for criminals, while it still held some vagrants.
In the earlier sweeps, about 15 vagrants were evicted, officials said.
She said the council believes that improving public safety also requires such things as more park rangers to patrol recreation areas and more building inspectors to deal with rundown and abandoned buildings that may be magnets for vagrants or drug dealers.
In the Daily News article, "Mayor orders probe of fall in LAPD arrests," March 15, Mayor Richard Riordan accuses the Los Angeles Police Department of "not doing a lot of simple arrests that people complain about - panhandlers, vagrants.
They're not doing a lot of the simple arrests that people complain about - panhandlers, vagrants, people that dump things in neighborhoods," Riordan said, citing examples of classes of crimes he believes aren't being pursued enough.
This number will not include the rare and the vagrants.
Estrada dismissed allegations that the city government's ongoing cleanup drive to rid Manila streets of vagrants is a crackdown against beggars and vagabonds.
Drug addicts and vagrants are loitering in the park at all hours.
Drug addicts and vagrants are found loitering inside the park all the time.
Based on the statement of Roda Severino from Barangay Poblacion, they were conducting operations against vagrants in the red light district of P.
The study also looks at forces impacting vagrancy, such as migration trends in England during the period, the impact of weather conditions and bad harvests during some decades of the century, and the evolution of laws regarding vagrants and the poor.
1,332 child vagrants have been identified in Kyrgyzstan during the first four months of 2015, Deputy Interior Minister Ryskulbek Japarkulov said on June 4 at the national forum on the safety of children in Kyrgyzstan.