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To account for the same respondent rating value items belonging to five different value types, a general linear model repeated measures MANOVA with Respondent's Rating as a repeated factor, and Cohort and Gender as between-subject factors revealed statistically significant effects of Cohort (F(1, 205) = 17.
Since past research continues to ignore the possible impact of individual culture on the degree of sophistication of succession planning, this study attempts to fill this gap by examining this relationship using the relevant individual value types.
First, we confirmed that adolescents from authoritative families place a higher priority on the five value types analyzed--universalism, benevolence, conformity, tradition, and security--than do adolescents from neglectful and authoritarian families, but there were no differences between adolescents from indulgent and authoritative families in the priority given to any of these five value types.
Last, because the study of PVD is new to the area of gender role transgressions, we sought to examine which value types were perceived to be different in the male and female gender role transgressors.
An Examination of the Differences Between Personal Values and Value Types of Female and Male Accounting and Nonaccounting Majors.
The consistent Forest Fire (unbeaten in two runs at Sandown) and Mantusis (did not stay last time over a longer trip, and still in good form) are other value types at double-figure prices.
3] Because there is limited empirical evidence about the personal values of Japanese business managers, we conducted a study to identify value types of mid- and senior-level Japanese business managers.
Tim Darvill produces a general module of value systems and identifies three value types which are explained in practical contexts with which most archaeologists will find empathy.
Asynchronous database operations as well as XML data and large value types
10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- At the forefront of sustainable lighting innovation, North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA is pleased to expand its portfolio of OCTRON fluorescent lamps with the introduction of new OCTRON 800 XV eXtended Value types.
Trap #3: C# distinguishes between value types and reference types.
Both instruments are useful for measuring the importance of specific personal values, and both can be used to classify individuals into groups and value types.