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VALUED POLICY. A valued policy is one where the value has been set on the ship or goods insured, and this value has been inserted in the policy in the nature of liquidated damages, to save the necessity of proving it in case of loss. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1230.

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Especially for younger employees, time spent with one's manager is a valued form of validation and inspiration, as well as serving a practical purpose of learning and communication, answering questions, discussing possibilities or just listening to an employee's ideas, concerns and opinions.
It is becoming more and more popular because of people's growing awareness to the effects of drugs and it is a very valued form of treatment.
Without the safety net of the valued form in place, just how would actual loss sustained be determined?
Trading is done face to face, an environment where reputation is a valued form of social capital, because traders are mutually dependent, and social mechanisms have developed that include informal norms, formal rules of trade and organizational arrangements to coordinate collective action.
matter the level of financial assistance provided, a valued form of support is
A qualified interest is one that is in an easily valued form, such as an annuity or unitrust interest.
Agricultural recycling concerns all the sludge produced, compliant and for the monetization part of which can be composted and valued form of sludge compost
The valued form is the least used business interruption coverage in today's marketplace, but may be well-suited to certain industries or corporations.