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Woodhead Team leader Keith Wakeley added: "It's really disappointing that our equipment has been vandalised and the potential impact that this could have in the service we provide the public.
OThe bank will replace the vandalised ATM with a new ATM within this week.
He was subject to abuse and the disabled railings were vandalised.
Banda enforcers vandalised the municipal information center, human resources section and computer lab of the office for "defying the strike".
A spokesman for the department, which foots the bill for repairing the vandalism, said 17 cameras had been vandalised.
Ian Bruce, chairman of Nunthorpe Parish Council, said he was "disgusted" when he saw the wreath vandalised and flowers stolen from the war memorial in Nunthorpe.
Alexis Fecteau, director of operations for reserve forces at the National Security Space Institute in Colorado Springs, vandalised a minimum of 10 vehicles at the airport.
All of the cows wre vandalised with graffiti just hours after being placed in their locations.
A friend said: "There are at least 15 women who have attacked, vandalised, stalked, persecuted or vented their anger on James.
We later learned that several more cars were vandalised on the estate.
A MEMORIAL to three soldiers murdered by the IRA has been vandalised.
Take the example of Shiv Sena MLA Anil Kadam and his Samajwadi Party counterpart Abdul Rashid Momin, who got angry with toll collectors and allegedly vandalised booths in Maharashtra.