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Commands can be issued from VantagePoint to the OS/390 system.
As a leader in global CleanTech investments, VantagePoint understands the importance of China's role in the global CleanTech marketplace," said Alan Salzman, CEO and Managing Partner of VantagePoint.
Product manager for FactoryTalk VantagePoint software, Rockwell Automation, Angela Rapko, said : "The VantagePoint mobile component instantly detects the type of device being used to access information and adjusts the user experience for that screen.
Liferay honored VantagePoint with the Website of the Year award as a "phenomenal" site where "customers, partners and end users are amazed at the ease of use, the ability to find the items they need quickly and the overall user experience.
We are impressed with the way Business VantagePoint displays open order data, and the flexibility to move jobs between plants.
Over the past 8 years, VantagePoint has made major investments in some of the most innovative CleanTech enterprises, encompassing everything from LED lighting and building efficiency to power generation, Smart Grid, energy storage, waste-to-energy and electrification of transport.
VantagePoint has shared our vision from the beginning and we are excited to partner with them again as we launch the company into this next phase.
Shawn McMorran, CEO of Solarsoft, comments, "We are delighted to have VantagePoint and its exceptional products and people as part of Solarsoft.
In creating the China Low Carbon Index, "CBEEX and VantagePoint sought to develop a benchmark for the Chinese low carbon investment community to represent China's CleanTech sector in a transparent and comprehensive manner," said Dewen Mei, General Manager of CBEEX.
20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Unisys Corporation(NYSE: UIS) today announced Unisys VantagePoint,SM an advanced user interface and service orchestration center for Unisys' IT service management (ITSM) solution as well as other commonly used ITSM systems.
The take over bid circular is expected to be mailed out to the shareholders of VantagePoint within the next 10 business days and, unless extended, the Offer will expire 35 days following the date of mailing.
Reinvention within the built environment represents a critical opportunity we have for creating a future world that is economically viable, resource effective, clean, and comfortable", said William McDonough, VantagePoint Venture Partner and Senior Advisor.