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From a market impact standpoint, together we are now the world leader in vapor phase reflow systems," said Jochen Lipp, IBL Technologies CEO, in a statement.
The first vapor phase reflow systems used the same configuration as a traditional vapor degreaser: a vertical, open-topped tank with a heater at the bottom and a cooling coil around the top opening.
It was assumed on basis of the results obtained that formation of pores in process of the vapor phase condensation is stiputated by both the <<shadow>> effect during growth of matrix grains exerted by particles of salt, accumulating on the condensation surface, and by interaction of the salt with the metal, which constitutes base of the material, with formation of volatile chlorides.
By combining our proprietary PHOLED technology with our novel organic vapor phase deposition technology, we hope to demonstrate meaningful advances toward these requisite performance targets, thereby opening up new opportunities for the commercial use of OLEDs by the lighting industry," Abramson said.
The advanced vapor phase process is also extremely versatile and can be used to process a variety of part geometries, applying coatings to complex external and internal passages.
The development of the vapor phase catalytic ammonia removal (VPCAR) engineering development unit.
Specifically, Organic Vapor Phase Deposition involves the use of a carrier gas stream in a hot-walled reactor at low pressure to precisely deposit thin layers of organic electronic materials on to displays.
At times, phosphate esters can function in the vapor phase.
The process replaces the current vapor phase chlorination process used to produce chloroprene monomer with a liquid phase chlorination process.
There are many different vapor phase surface treatments of materials that can be used to produce a wide variety of end results, but each of them are of increasing importance in the pursuit of high performance advanced materials.
Contract award: Production of Organic Vapor Phase Deposition (OvpD) - Process module
PART OF THE reason vapor phase soldering technology is increasing in popularity is that Pb-free requirements and product miniaturization drive production issues not thoroughly addressed by conventional convection reflow.