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melasma, basado en la longitud y coloracion sobre la aleta dorsal, ya que existen variaciones geograficas entre las especies que observaron VARI & HAROLD (2001) del Rio Aroa y la cuenca del Rio Tocuyo.
Creagrutus melasma VARI, HAROLD & TAPHORN (1994)
Starting in 2007, Varis underwrote cheap orchestra seats at the Met for certain shows and made sure that seniors didn't have to line up for them.
Varis said she wasn't all that interested in the "fancy folk" who tended to drift to cultural boards, but she thought it was good to set an example.
Varis was 39 when she started building Agvar Chemicals, which remained privately held with her as president and founder.
Tufts University gave her an honorary doctorate, and, thanks to her, veterinary students there relax in the Agnes Varis Campus Center.
Varis was a brain cancer survivor, she sponsored a weekly "beauty day" to lift the spirits of less fortunate women who could not afford her stylist and grand assortment of wigs.