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Vande Woude, a member of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, will remain at VARI as head of the Laboratory of Molecular Oncology.
Both TGen and VARI are relatively young organizations that have triggered regional growth of the life sciences and biomedical industries in Arizona and Western Michigan.
VARI, the research arm of VAI, is dedicated to probing the genetic, cellular and molecular origins of cancer, Parkinson and other diseases and working to translate those findings into effective therapies.
Varis was 39 when she started building Agvar Chemicals, which remained privately held with her as president and founder.
Tufts University gave her an honorary doctorate, and, thanks to her, veterinary students there relax in the Agnes Varis Campus Center.
Varis was a brain cancer survivor, she sponsored a weekly "beauty day" to lift the spirits of less fortunate women who could not afford her stylist and grand assortment of wigs.
Varis loved jazz and supported a program to help older musicians through the Jazz Foundation.
In addition to being a fully integrated clinical process management tool, VARiS Vision is a robust practice management tool.
The scope of work that can be handled with a VARiS Vision application on a single workstation is tremendous," said Mike Sweitzer, information and imaging systems marketing manager.
Displays in the newly designed VARiS Vision software put more information on screen and make it easier to read.