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INDEPENDENT VARIABLE: Factor that you change on purpose; also called manipulated variable.
Both AGD and AGI are continuous, and approximately normally distributed, variables.
Here, the controller output is proportional to the error or change in the process variable.
One is what is called "listwise" deletion, which deletes any case having any missing values for variables being analyzed in the data set.
The 1990s also brought a surge in sales of variable life policies and variable annuities as insurers and their customers sought to join in the hot equity markets.
The results of this study are reported in two sections: (1) descriptive statistics for all study variables in years 1 and 3; and (2) inferential statistics to assess the effect inclusion in general education on reading and mathematics achievement scores.
1994, 1996, 2000), we expected to find significant gender and ethnic differences on all variables.
Solving this puzzle requires assigning a value of true or false to each of the variables so that the entire expression is satisfied--meaning that the statement must evaluate to true.
These results were statistically analyzed and discussed with foundry personnel to identify variables that significantly affected heat quality.
So when optimizing its molding and lamination operations, the company turned to DOE techniques, which vary several variables at once according to mathematical guidelines.
1970) were that the only relationship of "pre-rehabilitation" variables to client satisfaction was a positive correlation with motivation for employment.
The accountants chose a regression model to accompany their report because of the need for a detailed analysis of the relationships of the variables that might affect sales.